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Flyer with Floor Plan

12832 NE Airport Way
6,768 SF / 1,600 SF office


12832 clean plan .png

Flyer with Floor Plan

Suite 295
2,397 RSF

Suite 310
1,635 RSF

Suite 400 
7,620 RSF

Suite 450 

7,422 RSF


LSC ste 310 1775SF.png
Suite 400 Clean.JPG
LSC suite 295 simple snip.png
LSC suite 450 7,422 snip.png

Flyer with Floor Plan

Suite 101   
3,426 RSF 

Suite 205
   3,113 RSF 

Suite 220 / 230
1,354 / 1,865 RSF 

Suite 270
3,430 RSF 

Suite 320
4,605 RSF

Suite 440
2,462 RSF 


SCC Suite 205 snip_edited.jpg
SCC stes 220 225 230 snip.png
SCC ste 440 floor plan snip.jpg
SCC suite 320 with plan snip.jpg
SCC suite 100.png
SCC Ste 280 floor plan 3430 rsf 010924 snip.jpg


Kevin Johnson
Executive Director/Senior Asset Manager

In 1996, Kevin joined Quest Property Management as an Asset Manager, earning a real estate license in Property Management.  He was promoted to Senior Asset Manager in 1998. He has overseen the management of the 1,000,000+ square feet of office and industrial property, gaining a wealth of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate including feasibility analysis, development, marketing, lease negotiation, property management, tenant relations, financial reporting, and administration.  Kevin has developed a proprietary rate of return analysis and a comprehensive exit strategy that continues to ensure the success of the real estate portfolio assets under management.  The core property management team Kevin leads has been together since 1999. 

Rod Stai
Asset Manager - Operations

Rod joined Quest in 2022 and leads our Operations team. With a background in everything from luxury home construction, to owning a flooring business, to ultimate fighting, Rod won't back down from a challenge. With a goal of delivering excellent service, he responds quickly to tenants and contractors, and always with a smile. 

Amy Pusung
Property Accountant

Amy joined Quest in 2000 and handles all things accounting for all seven group trusts and is the glue that holds the office together.

Rachel Phelps
Asset Manager
Director of Marketing and Communications

Rachel joined Quest in 2017. She handles all things visual and digital for Quest. She holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University, and has experience spanning multiple industries.  

Mike Martin 
Facilities Technician

Mike is the newest member of our team. He is the "face" of Quest, and travels between properties, ensuring that the buildings are maintained and our tenants are comfortable and able to stay focused on their work. With a management background in the automotive industry, he is well-experienced in prioritizing issues as they arise and providing excellent customer service. 

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